Unpacker F.A.Q.


ver 8.09 (2019/07/17)

- Fixed critical bug on export big projects (swap file error)

- Add option: Disable сustom swap file (in file stream)

- Fixed critical bug on parce MonoBehavior

- Update IL2CPP module (Unity 2019)

- Fixed export Flare

- Fixed prefab export

ver 8.08 (2019/07/15)

- Fixed parce Monobehavior paramerts

- fixed parce TextMeshPro UI

- Add option for export Unity 2019.1 format

- fixed Parce Mesh for Unity 2019.x

- Add support export NavMesh, NavMeshSettings

- Add export option: "Disable header information for scripts (header on .cs files)"

- Add export option: "Allow async export"

- Fixed bug: slow generate unity project

- Fixed critical bug on export big projects

ver 8.07 (2019/06/04)

- Add support Unity 2019.1.0
- Add support Unity 2019.1.1
- Add support Unity 2019.1.2
- Add support Unity 2019.1.3 

ver 8.06 (2019/05/24)

- Fixed bug with links to SpriteAtlas

- Fixed bug for parce Monobehavior parameters (recursive type fields)

- Fixed bug with export to FBX, now after export (in binary format) you can open it in a blender and other 3d editors

- Add dialog with options on export to FBX

ver 8.05 (2019/04/30)

- fixed bug with DecompilerFi

- Add for SourcesFix: auto fix "public override" to "public" for class implement from MonoBehavior


ver 8.04 (2019/04/26)

- Add new option for decompilers 

- fixed change assembly decompilation types


ver 8.02 (2019/04/15)

- Fixed: TagManager.asset for layers

- Fixed "Duplicate asset" (change links for assets)

- Add tree view context menu: "Add GameObject"



ver 8.01 (2019/04/05)

- Add support change asset for split files (.split0, .split2 etc)
- Add new license type: DevX-GameModding
- Fixed asset fields edit
- Fixed critical bug (7.26 - 7.30 ) wrong references to scene objects
- Fixed SpriteAtlas export (for unity)

- Add new Game Modding functions: Clone asset, Copy and Paste asset to another asset, remove assets (available for DevX-GameModding & DevX-GameRecovery)
- Add tree view context menu: "Duplicate asset"
- Add tree view context menu: "Copy asset"
- Add tree view context menu: "Paste asset"
- Add tree view context menu: "Delete asset"
- Add tree view context menu: "Add child asset with duplicate by selection dialog"
- Add menu item on tab page Asset Header Edit: "Paste asset" - for fast change asset links

ver 7.30 (2019/03/29)

- Add filter by: Sprite, Texture2D, Cubemap

- Fixed make prefab for unity less 2018.3

- Change UI for "Script Generate Options" (add customized select assembly export type)

- Add support: include .SO libs to UnityProject

- Mark Windows native dll  - as plugin for Windows (on Generate Unity Project)

- Fixed a bug with the replacement of textures that had MipMap levels (the texture color channels changed)



ver 7.29 (2019/03/26)

- Add navigation by item selection history

- Fixed crush on selected item on tree

- Fixed critical bu: make Mesh on Unpacker versions 7.2x (problem with animations)

ver 7.28 (2019/03/26)

- Fixed bug with read monobehavior parameters

- Fixed bug on binary analizer for monobehavior

ver 7.27 (2019/03/22)

- Fixed bug with link to script (from monobehavior) on vestion 7.26, 7.25, 7.24


ver 7.26 (2019/03/21)

- Fixed bug on generate Mesh asset in 7.25  version


ver 7.25 (2019/03/21)

- Fixed bug with links to Sprites (if used SpriteAtlas)

- Fixed bug for Mesh on Unity 2018 or higger

- Fixed bug with prefab on Unity 2018 or higger (crash unity editor)

- Fixed bug with convert Mesh (3.x, 4.x) to Unity 2018 or higger (crash unity editor)

- Fixed common preview (unicode text)


ver 7.24 (2019/03/13)

- Fixed bug with unpack Sprites from SpriteAtlas


ver 7.23 (2019/03/12)

- Fixed Critical error on read asset (SpriteRendere and others)

- Update Binary analyzer (support C# like code)



ver 7.23 (2019/03/12)

- Fixed Critical error on read asset (SpriteRendere and others)

- Update Binary analyzer (support C# like code)


ver 7.22 (2019/02/22)

- Add option for UnityUI versions: "Allow to de-obfuscate assembly" for automatic DeObfuscate assembly

- Fix for "Allow to de-obfuscate assembly"

- Fixed critical error on export scriptable objects

- Add Binary Analyzer (Open->Open Binary Analyzer tools or on HEX View) syntax like C (c#) base types + structures



ver 7.21 (2019/02/18)

- Fixed parce Mesh for Unity 2018.3 and higger

- Fixed critical error on generate prefabs (crash unity)

- Add option on Import settings (IL2CPP): "Restore only fields (for deserialization and minimize scripts errors)"

- Fixed problem: asset not marked as resource

- Add option: "Allow to de-obfuscate assembly" for automatic DeObfuscate asssembly

- Fixed UniyUI versions (MAC, APK, UnityEditor, WinUnity)

ver 7.20 (2019/02/12)

- Fixed IL2CPP read monobehavior parameters

- Fixed make stub DLL for IL2CPP

- Add support option "Allow delayed extraction of scripts" for IL2CPP for GameRecovery license type (allows you to view the parameters of the scripts in the built project - without fixing the scripts (for this, a DLL plugin is created stub, but this script code is not there, only stubs))

- Add support TimeLine restore

- Add support PlayableDirector

- Add support restore full playable asset with ActivationTrack, ActivationPlayableAsset, AnimationTrack, AudioTrack, ControlTrack, ControlPlayableAsset, PlayableTrack

- Fixed critical error on read monobehavior parameters


ver 7.19 (2019/02/07)

- Fixed restore ParticleSystem (NaN error)

- Add support TerrainLayer

- Add support TerrainData for Unity 2018.2, 2018.3

- Fixed errors on restre scripts with dnSpy mode

- Remove empty dirs in project directory



ver 7.18 (2019/01/29)

- Fixed restore ProjectSetting: Tags and Layers  (Affects creating distribution for WebGL from restored project)

- Fixed License replace (error with 404)

- Fixed decode DTX1Crunched & DTX5Crunched

- Fixed restore monobehavior parameters with "volatile" field options (example: public volatile bool flag;)

- Fixed restore assets with file extention (image.jpg.png, text.txt.txt)

- Add support restore standart Water materials with Shaders (to Unity 2018.3)

- Add support restore TextMeshPro materials with Shaders (to Unity 2018.3)

- Add support export to Unity 2018.3 project

ver 7.18 (2019/01/29)

- Fixed restore ProjectSetting: Tags and Layers  (Affects creating distribution for WebGL from restored project)

- Fixed License replace (error with 404)

- Fixed decode DTX1Crunched & DTX5Crunched

- Fixed restore monobehavior parameters with "volatile" field options (example: public volatile bool flag;)

- Fixed restore assets with file extention (image.jpg.png, text.txt.txt)

- Add support restore standart Water materials with Shaders (to Unity 2018.3)

- Add support restore TextMeshPro materials with Shaders (to Unity 2018.3)

- Add support export to Unity 2018.3 project

ver 7.16 (2018/12/15)

- Fixed: ParticleSystem (NaN values)
- Fixed: Restore AnimationController
- Add support Texture3D


ver 7.15 (2018/12/02)

- Fixed select plugin for restore scripts (Magic Studio license type)


ver 7.14 (2018/12/02)

- Fixed critical error: For gameobject names

- Fixed critical error: Links to prefab assets (components)

- Add restore reflection probe

- Fixed: Restore Template scripts (<T>)

- Add to GameRecovery license type: option "Allow delayed extraction of scripts" (Unpacker Script Manager: dynamicly extract script on result project)

- Fixed: texture wrap mode, aniso, filter mode

- Fixed: Project settings NavMeshSettings (crash of Unity)

- Fixed: Scene generate for Unity4 (crash of Unity)

- Add restore QualitySettings (Unity4)

- Add dds & pvr formats for replace image

With GameRecovery 7.14 from apk to WebGL by full source code (with correction)




ver 7.13 (2018/11/23)

- Add support "Replace Sprite" (from png) for Sprite Atlas

- Fixed bug on 7.12 version - read sprites

- Fixed bug for UnityUI version - "Wait Dialog" not close

- Fixed: Bug with equal script names

- Fixed: ParticleSystem

- Fixed: Auto-Fix sources (restore events, remove DebuggerBrowsable attribute)

- Add support sprites with outline

- Fixed: Restore AnimationClip (add support any fields types)

- Fixex: DevX Script Manager (componetn in restored project for script managing)

Example Video:


ver 7.12 (2018/11/20)

- Fixed: Parce sprite  (for Unpacker based on UnityUI)

- Fixed: User interface (for Unpacker based on UnityUI)

- Add new items to tree View contect menu  (for Unpacker based on UnityUI)

- Fixed: Asset header edit  (for Unpacker based on UnityUI)

- Add support "Replace Sprite" (from png)

- Add support NavAgent (for scene)

ver 7.11 (2018/11/16)

- Add export options: Disable export shaders (for minimize errors)

- Add progress bar for UnityUI

- Auto-Fix modifed/ecrypted assembly for generate project (convert assembly tot plugin)

- Fixed read monobehavior parameters for Unity 3.x (read links)

- Add support StateMachineBehaviour for recovery Animation controller

- Set export as Script by defauilt for classes based off UnityEngine.StateMachineBehaviour class (Animation Controller not support links to Plugin)

- Add support StateMachineBehaviour recovery for AnimationController

- Add to MonoScript and ScriptableObject inspector - script recovery tools

- Fixed: Generate materials

- Fixed critical bugs (for many child items on transform)

- Fixed error with Three View

Example Video:


ver 7.10 (2018/11/12)

- Change TreeView Control to custom (for speed: full, clear)

- Optimized internal search by type (for export porject)

- Fixed: Seach form

- Fixed critical error on parsing Monobehavior for List<T>

- Fixed critical error on parsing Monobehavior for AnimationCurve

- Add support Lens Flare asset

- Fixed Terrain on prefab

- Fixed open splited resource files

- Add progress bar (WinForms)

ver 7.09 (2018/11/08)

- Add support TimeLine

- Add support UnityEngine.HoloLens

- Add support UnityEngine.Analitic

- Add Context menu for tree view  "Find All References"

  Attention important function:

- Add support convert Assembly-CSharp.dll (and other) - to dll Plugin (This allows you to work around the problem with errors in the scripts.)

- Added the ability to extract individual scripts from assemblies, while the assembly itself is transformed into a plugin

- Added support for dynamic switching between internals by scripts and plug-ins, this means that you can export a project in the mode of exporting code as a plugin (dll) and opening in Unity you can extract only the necessary scripts.

ver 7.08 (2018/10/30)

Fixed: Incorrect detect unity patch version

Fixed: Restore Tag names (MainCamera, Player)

Fixed: Missed Links to AudioClip (in scened and prefabs)

Fixed: Bug on asynk load assets

Fixed: Show menu icons for UnityUI unpacker version

Add support select - assembly export mode: As sources code (to dll .cs files) or as dll plugin (all links to classes modifed for assess by dll). Avaliable on script settings dialog.


ver 7.07 (2018/10/28)

Fixed: Preiew image files (APK, Stabdelone)

Add: Show adresses and function name for patch so libs (example: libhack.so)

Fixed: Texture Crunch decode

Add support restore animation clip for SpriteRenderer (sprite animation)

Add auto-fix string swich (<>f__switch$map), <>__FixedBuffer

Fixed: Plugins decompilation (to .cs)



ver 7.06 (2018/10/19)

Fixed: System.NullReferenceException on expand treeview node

Fixed: Repack image for store content in .resS file

Fidex: Zoom on image view control

Add: Free save asset contents

Add: Free save texture (png), audio (wav), Font, Text, Script (cs), Mesh (obj)

Add: Contect menu on tree view:

- Save asset header

- Save content (without contertaion)

- Export content (with convert format: png, wav, etc)

- Replace binary content (binary, png, wav, etc)

- Add: Save audio to FSB5

- Add: Auto decrypt Assembly dll

- Add: Auto Correct modifed Assembly dll

- Add Game database with preview game structure (tree)

- Fixed Search form (more item types support)


ver 7.05 (2018/10/04)

- Fixed Read Mesh Asset

- Add: Decode binary AndroidManifest.xml (from APK) -  to text xml format

- Add: Extract resources.arsc (from APK) - to xml resources files

- Add: Parse dex files, Show Java classes on tree view

- Add: Context menu item (treevew): Make node dump - for export asset for study

- Fixed: open asset files (With non standard headers)

- Fixed: critical error on Replace image (for mipmap levels)



ver 7.04 (2018/09/20)

- Fixed critical bug on repack assets

- Fixed Export Terraing to UnityPackage & Zip & Unity project

- Added support auto convert DTX1Crunched to DTX1 on repack

- Added support auto convert DTX5Crunched to DTX5 on repack

- Added support auto convert ETC2_RGBA8Crunched to ETC2_RGBA8 on repack

- Added support auto convert unsupotred formats to DTX5 on repack


ver 7.03 (2018/09/17)

Fixed: Read Mesh Asset


ver 7.02 (2018/09/13)

Fixed: Replace ASTC encoded images

Add Unity 2017.4.10f1

Add menu item: "Export->Export uassets from Unreal Engine PAK"

Fixed: Open UE apk (tested on Lineage2 Revolution_v0.25.12_apkpure.com.apk)

Fixed: Critical bug on read monobehavior parametors


ver 7.01 (2018/08/22)

Add: AudioMixerController asset

Add in Header Edit, memu: Save to file, Replace selected item from file

Add to Export for replace Scriptable objects (raw value)

Fixed: Parse Mesh for Unity 1.x

Fixed: run from command line

Fixed: GameRecovery paused on errors

UnrealEngine support

Add support UnrealEngine PAK containers

Add support UnrealEngine uasset load metatata objects (object fields)

Add support UnrealEngine uasset Textures view & export

Add support UnrealEngine uasset StaticMesh (UE4) view & export

Add support UnrealEngine uasset SoundWave play & export



ver 6.24 (2018/07/23)

- Fixed: AnimationCurve on Monobehavior parameters

- Fixed: generate guid for Scripts

- Fixed: ProjectSettings read for Unity 2018

- Fixed: Mesh preview

- Fixed: Long time generate project for IL2CPP



ver 6.23 (2018/06/29)

- Fixed auto correct source code for <>f__mg$cache field names

- Fixed Export resources to dir for Mesh (convert to obj format)

- Fixed critical error with restore AnimationController (for 6.x unpacker versions)

- Exclude restore build-in shaders

- Exclude restore build-in fonts


ver 6.22 (2018/06/23)

- Fixed activation bug


ver 6.21 (2018/06/22)

- Add auto correct source code for <>f__mg$cache field names

- Fixed: Export AVIImportSettings (avi, mp4 etc)

- Add support read monobehavior content for scrips with getneric generic parametrs

- Fixed: PolygonCollider2D restore for Make Project


ver 6.20 (2018/06/11)

- Add support old crunched images (Unity 2017.2/1,5.x: DTX1Crunched,DTX5Crunched)

- Fixed: GameRecovery mesh preview

- Fixed: First person control for GameRecovery

- Add auto correct normals for meshs on GameRecovery

- Add export image assets on MakeScene to png format (for GameRecovery)

- Add auto convert unity NormalMap texture to classic Normal map texture


ver 6.19 (2018/06/08)

- Add: Export selected script (.cs) to Zip & Unitypackage

- Add filtered count to menu Filter->Search result count: ___

- Add export Monobehavior (scene monobehavior, after select on treeview) to zip or Unitypackage

- Fixed: dnSpy decompiller (critical bug)

- Fixed: Textures decode

- Fixed critical error for read asset strucure

- Fixed: unpack APK

- First realization function of import sketchfab models. Support only old formats

   Example: https://sketchfab.com/models/c3oFUCpyRK49ji7C9wKjktdrsls

ver 6.18 (2018/06/05)

- Fixed: Bug with using tools (dnSpy and others for sound, textures )

- Fixed: Critical bug with generate assets and scenes for massives (on Generate Project, Export .unitypackage)

- Add memory limit for clear cache

- Fixed: Crunched DXT1/DXT5 for old unity

ver 6.17 (2018/06/03)

- Fixed: Read metadata

- Add functions: 

  "Export resources for Repack" - Export filtered resources with index files (for search asser to repack)

  "Import resources for Repack" - Import resources for unpack (search changed files)

  https://youtu.be/-53iEvK43eg - video demonstration


ver 6.16 (2018/06/03)

- Fixed: Export RenderTexture asset

- Fixed: Asset header edit (for Unity version)

- Fixed: TextAsset content convert. Add auto detect content type: text or binary. For preview binary convert to base64

- Add Select Wait type options

ver 6.15 (2018/06/02)

- Add support Tilemap restore

- Fixed: Correct scene names for full paths (example: "f:/dir/GameProject/Assets/Scenes/scene.unity")

- Fixed: Default path for zipalign tools

- Add support Cytus2 Chart auto Decrypt/Encrypt

- Add support 7zip text asset compressed

ver 6.14 (2018/06/01)

- Fixed: Bug on reopen new game after previous (without close Unpacker)

- Fixed: Error with flipY image on replace

- Fixed: Convertation Image on replace with FlipY


ver 6.13 (2018/06/01)

- Fixed: Move scroll to selected item on treeview (WinForms)

- Fixed: Replace image ETC_RGB4

- Fixed: Critical error on Image preview (bug in ver 6.12)

- Add: Search dialog (for Unity version)

- Fixed: WebGL brotli compression


ver 6.12 (2018/05/31)

- Fixed: for dnSpy remove AssemblyInfo class

- Fixed: Monobehavior read parametrs (bool, short arrays)

- Add option: FlipY on replace Image

- Add save setting: Fon for image preview

- Add function for change asset links on games



ver 6.11 (2018/05/29)

- Fixed: Input control for 3D fly/first person mode (unity package)

- Fixed: Critical error with GenerateUnity Project, Export UnityPackage

- Add dnSpy decompiler support (Win Form Version)

- Video for Game Recovery https://youtu.be/t2eaqYvNNkQ 


ver 6.10 (2018/05/27)

- Fixed: Build settings->Scened in build (fix scenes guid)

- Fixed: Export Terrain (bug in 6.09 ver)

- Fixed: Export mesh (for old version with extport settings to unity 2018)

- Fixed: Terrain preview (for UnityVersion uncpaker)

- Fixed: Make unitypackage (bug in 6.09,6.08 ver)

- Add filter Primitive Models

- Add AnimationClip preview (for humanoid animation)


ver 6.09 (2018/05/25)

- Fixed: Open IL2CPP with bad metadata

- Fixed: Make material (for Unity ver)

- Fixed: Particle preview (unity ver)


ver 6.08 (2018/05/25)

- Fixed: Mesh preview (with sub meshs) (for Unity UI)

- Optimize: Mesh (make fbx, make preview, make obj)

- Fixed: Open WebGl with 'gz' data encoding

- Add: Copy StreamingAssets to Restoring UnityProject

- For Unity Editor ver: Add materiald: Standard (Roughness setup),Standard (Roughness setup)


- SPEED OPTIMIZATIONS (on open game)


ver 6.07 (2018/05/21)

- Fixed: Crash on decode ETC2_RGBA8Crunched, ETC_RGB4Crunched (WinForms version)

- Fixed & add support to decode: DXT1Crunched, DXT5Crunched, ETC2_RGBA8Crunched, ETC_RGB4Crunched  (WinForms version, Unity.Win version)

- Fixed: Bug with open bundles

- Change install directory


ver 6.06 (2018/05/19)

-Fixed: for detect asset file


ver 6.05 (2018/05/19)

- Add suport parce AnimatorOverrideController for preview animations (for Unity UI versions)

- Add: AnimatorOverrideController - to restore assets

- Add: Add auto search animation clips on srcipt links for Anumation Preview (Unity UI version)

- Fixed: MeshRenderes enable state read (for Unity UI version)

- Fixed: Link to Monobehavior in prefabs

- Fixed: Support Brotli compression format

- Fixed: Open assets bundle


ver 6.04 (2018/05/16)

- Fixed: Rights ExportFBX for Unpacker Tools and Repacker Tools

- Fixed: Problem with enter license


ver 6.03 (2018/05/15)

- Fixed: MeshRenderer for multiple materials

- Fixed: Links to Gameobject in scenes and prefabs

- Add: Automatic selection of the most suitable standard shader for material when exporting (Generate Unity project)

- Set option "Run In Background" for Unity versions

- Fixed: Restore script for IL2CPP

- Fixed: Read Monobehavior paramerts for IL2CPP apk

- Add: 'Android Unpacker' type license (export resources, export fbx, repack tools)

- Add: Export FBX in 'Unpacker Tools' license type

- Add: Export plugins to .unitypackage

- Add: Export IL2CPP restored dll (structure only) to .unitypackage or zip

- Add: Export custom selected (on tree) class items to .unitypackage or zip

- Add: Export tree items to ZIP atchive



ver 6.02 (2018/05/10)

Fixed: Asynk load game

Fixed: APK Sign options dialog

Fixed: Repack functions (Apply changes button)

Add in Make Scene (Editor Studio Ext):

- RectTransform

- Canvas

- Image

- Text

- Buttom

Fixed: Error with Export Unity project (not created scenes)

Fixed: ParticleSystemRenderer, Rigidbody2D,  AreaEffector2D, TextMesh




ver 6.01 (2018/05/10)

Fixed: Error on demo version




ver 5.25 (2018/05/09)

- Fixed: Restore m_TagString from m_Tag number

- Fixed read script paramerts (BoundsInt,LayerMask,Color32)

- Add support Unity 2018.1.0f1

- Fixed rights for license type 'Editor Studio'


ver 5.24 (2018/05/08)

- Fixed: Open split assets (error from 5.22 version)

- Add option (import settings): Async make of Assets

- Optimization for speed (for game to open)

- Fixed: Make and save assets with bad names ("Combined Mesh (root:Scene)") for Editor Studio version


ver 5.23 (2018/05/06)

- Fixed: Import settings windows size (for Unity version)

- Add: Allow copy (and paste to other scene) generated scene items (for UnityEditor version)


ver 5.22 (2018/05/03)

- Add option (import settings): Ignore scenes

- Add option (import settings): Ignore StreamingAssets directory

- Add option (import settings): Async parse of Bundle

- Add option (import settings): Async parse of Assets

- Optimization for speed (for game to open)

- Fixed bug with incorrect link to class from plugin (m_Script)


ver 5.21 (2018/05/03)

Fixed: MAC, WIN: Compressed texture unpack (view, save)

Fixed: Export to Unitypackage with '.' on asset path names



ver 5.20 (2018/05/03)

Fiex: Android Version

Fiex: MAC OS Version

Add: Custom UI Scale, Font size

Add: Animaion preview in scene



ver 5.19 (2018/04/27)

Add: Unpacker for MAC OS platform - beta version

Add: Unpacker for Androidplatform - beta version


ver 5.18 (2018/04/25)

Add: Support export Mesh to Unity 2018.1 format

Add: Support export Animations to Unity 2018.1 format

Optimization for open game

Fixed: Link to text asset

Fixed: Slow generate project


ver 5.17 (2018/04/17)

Add: Script support .net 4.6 by default (Unity 2018)

Add: Script allow unfsave script by default

ver 5.16 (2018/04/15)

Fixed: Error with decode (view, export) textures (bug in 5.15,5.14)



ver 5.15 (2018/04/15)

Add: Filter by Prefab type

Add: Filter by GameObject type

Fixed: Scene names restore

Fixed: Generate Unity Project (detect scene from bundles)

Fixed: Generate Unity Project (bad script paths)



ver 5.14 (2018/04/04)

Fixed: Problem with run


ver 5.13 (2018/04/03)

Fixed: Show text for text asset

Fixed: Parsing assets links (error in 5.12 version)

Fixed: Read monobehavior parametrs

ver 5.12 (2018/03/30)

Fixed: Read monobehavior script parametrs (Great fix)

Fixed: Make scene (.unity), prefab  on Generate project (Great fix)

ver 5.11 (2018/03/29)

ver 5.10 (2018/03/28)

Fixed: Repack and export


ver 5.09 (2018/03/28)

Fixed: Remove delay on open game

Fixed: Fixed critical error on Generate Unity Project


ver 5.08 (2018/03/27)

License binding id

ver 5.07 (2018/03/27)

Fixed: Bug with modification asset headers for unicode strings

Fixed: Export fingers animations for unity models

Fixed: Export animation to .Unitypackage

Fixed: Export to Unitypackage (not finished export)

Fixed: Detect and export prefab for Generate project (or unitypackage)



ver 5.06 (2018/03/14)

- Fixed Restore levels name for bundles

- Fixed: Make levels from bundles

- Fixed: Correct Level name restore (if exist mainData)

- Add Search in Scripts (c# script content)

ver 5.05 (2018/03/12)

- Fixed bug with run on Windows 7 - if cannot find font Cambria regular

- Fixed: Out of memory error for IL2CPP decompilation

- Add option: Setting->Show fast menu

- Add view bundle content as list view

- Add rename bundle content assets

- Fixed export Terrain in scene

- Add OcclusionCullingData asset

- Fixed read BuildSettings for Unity 2018.x

- Add options on open game: With Generate Project

- Add options on open game: With Export Resources

ver 5.04 (2018/02/28)

- Add: Save import options

- Fixed: Replace Sound for Unity 3.x, 4.x

- Fixed: Repack assets for Unity 3.x, 4.x

- Fixed: Open WebGL games compressed by Brotli alogoritm

- Fixed: Search Form - search by content


ver 5.01 (2018/02/25)

- Update main form menu

- Add support Replace AudioClip in assets with resize (replace ogg, mp3, wav)

- Add Search filter by: name, asset type, id, content

- Add parsing AssetBundle (resources structure)

ver 4.49 (2018/02/23)

- Fixed: Problem with run

ver 4.48 (2018/02/23)

- Add Search Form (search in all files, assets by content)


ver 4.47 (2018/02/22)

- Add C# code post convert (fix script errors)

- Add group SharedAssets on tree view

- Fixed: Replace for RGB565 format

- Fixed: Monobehavior read parametrs



ver 4.46 (2018/02/20)

- Add export terrain to FBX

- Add support binary fbx format



ver 4.45 (2018/02/14)

- Fixed problems with run


ver 4.44 (2018/02/12)

- Add: Support TextAsset replace text content with resize (increase the size)

- Add: Support Asset headers replace content (with resize)

- Add: Support MonoBehavior parameters change content (with resize)

- Add new text editor with: Find, Replace and view options

- Add option "Disable auto open result files"

- Add support export animations for FBX format

- Fixed: Monobehavior parameters read (field flag NonSerialized)

- Inspector (left window) updated


ver 4.43 (2018/02/08)

- Add option: Saving RAM (by default on)

- Fixed: make obj files name (for combined mesh)

- Add multi-select on tree - for export (.unitypackage,.fbx) (CTRL+Legt Click)

- Fixed: Make Fbx for skinned models


ver 4.42 (2018/02/06)

- Add Support Bunlde Repack (.unity3d), changed assets repack to bundle file (.unity3d)

- Fixed: String switch generated code auto correction (for decompiler);

- Fixed: Monobehavior save parametrs to scene and prefabs

- Fixed: Make FBX for objects with Combined mesh

- Add Poses to fbx


ver 4.40 (2018/02/02)

- Fixed: Error for export scene (if name start with '/')

- Fixed: Make meshes from Combined Mesh (static object)

- Add: Option for set custom temp directory

- Optimized memory using

- Optimized parce speed

- Add animations to FBX format (test implementation, the work is not finished yet)


ver 4.39 (2018/01/30)

- Localization updates

ver 4.38 (2018/01/29)

- Fixed: Add support read bundle format for Unity 5.3

- Fixed: Support ATC_RGBA8, ATC_RGB4, etc.

- Fixed: Make AnimationClip

- Fixed: Open big asset files

- Fixed: Search by name or id

- Fixed: Bundle resources grouping


ver 4.37 (2018/01/24)

- Fixed: Error on export to .unityproject

- new: Add support export models with materials to FBX format


ver 4.36 (2018/01/25)

- add: Add StreamingAssets directory files to analyze (read assets, bundles and etc.)

- optimized: Export AnimationClip


ver 4.35 (2018/01/24)

- Fixed: Monobehavior parameters read


ver 4.34 (2018/01/23)

- Fixed: Inspector view

- Fixed: Search by id

- Memory optimized

- Add option "Filter->Show tree items id" (by default unchecked)

- Change: transparent for default materials (Make 3D scene (without materials))



ver 4.33 (2018/01/19)

- Fixed: For material now always replace 'shader link' to standard shaders (Unity 5.6 Unity 2017 not support old shaders)



ver 4.32 (2018/01/17)

- add: Binary Shaders (5.6, 2017.x) Decode header and hex shader program

- Fixed: TextureFormats: DXT5Crunched, DXT1Crunched

- add: TextureFormats: ETC_RGB4Crunched, ETC2_RGBA8Crunched

- add: TextureFormats: RG16, R8, BC4, BC5, BC6H, BC7, RHalf, RGHalf, RFloat, RGFloat, RGBAFloat, RGB9e5Float

ver 4.31 (2018/01/16)

- Fixed: Humanoid animation export for 5.0-5.5 (AnimationClip)


ver 4.30 (2018/01/15)

- Fixed: Humanoid animation export for Unity 4.x, 5.0-5.5 (AnimationClip, Avatar)

- Fixed: IL2CPP read script parameters

- add: Support Unity 2018.1.0f2



ver 4.29 (2018/01/12)

- Fixed: Make TerrainData asset for Unity 4.x, 5.x


ver 4.28 (2018/01/10)

- add: APK Sign params auto-save

- Fixed: TreeList Structure for apk+obb

- Fixed: TerrainData export for Unity 4.x, 5.x

- add: Save sub content & Replace for all asset types



ver 4.27 (2018/01/09)

- Fixed: RGBA4444 texture format

- update: Metadata 4.x, 5.x

- add: Add Unity 2017.3 Metadata

- add: Add support Mesh, Textures for Unity 2017.3 format (import & export)

- add: Add support TerrainData for export (for: generate unity project, make .uniypackage )



ver 4.26 (2017/12/29)

- Fixed: Decompiler errors, add support decompile options 

- Fixed: IL2CPP decompilation

- add: Add class structure restore for WebGL, IPA (iOS)



ver 4.25 (2017/12/26)

- add: Add option to disable aplha channel on view image (and save png)

- add: for licensed version On press Updates button open direct link for download distribution



ver 4.24 (2017/12/25)

- add: Add support WebGL read by url for old WebGL format (Unity 5.x)
         example: http://readytechtools.com/ChessGame/build/ChessGame.html

- add: KO (Korean) manual translated

- Fixed: Message with Error on use  decompiler

- add: Include scripts (recursive) on export objects, scenes to .Unitypackage container

- add: Save DDS, PNG, PVR - on free mode (Saving is possible 1 time in 2 minutes)

- add: Save Mesh (as .obj file) - on free mode (Saving is possible 1 time in 2 minutes)


ver 4.23 (2017/12/21)

- add: VI (Vietnam) manual translated

- add: new C# type decompiler option  (support restore yield codes structures)


ver 4.22 (2017/12/19)

- add: Pack obb file (and support parallel pack obb & apk)

- Fixed: Fixed sound asset extension on tree view

- Fixed: Camera reset action

- add: Filter for models

- Fixed: For generate Scene - link to standard scripts on Unity.UI.dll (missed scripts on scene)

- add: metadata for Unity v5.3.3f1_p6,Class_5.5.4f1_p13


ver 4.21 (2017/12/17)

- internal modification

- add: export to .UnityPackage any asset or group of objects



ver 4.20 (2017/12/17)

fixed: Open IPA file by menu

new: Add sort on tree view (by name)

new: Change Camera on 3DView to fly mode



ver 4.19 (2017/12/15)

- Fixed: for Sprite-Multiple (on generate project)

- Fixed: Export Sprite model (prefab) to unitypackage format (missed sprite atlas)

- add: Simple .NET Decompiler - for code structure only (without function logic)

- Fixed: Animation controller - for state transactions on additional Layers



ver 4.18 (2017/12/11)

- Fixed: metadata

- add: Support SpriteAtlas view & export (new in unity 2017.x)

- Fixed: for export model to unitypackage - include only selected model avatar

- Fixed: Export Prefabs


ver 4.17 (2017/12/11)

- Fixed: open WebGL by URL
    test: https://www.kongregate.com/games/Throwdown/animation-throwdown/

- fixed speed for open



ver 4.16 (2017/12/08)

- Add metadata for Unity 5.x, 4.x

- Add support open WebGL formt .datagz (unity 5.x)

- Add support open bundles by URL

- Fixed: Parsing speed

- Fixed: Image open speed



ver 4.15 (2017/12/06)

- add: Support drag & drop multiple selected files (example APK+OBB )

- add: Free Save PNG image for resources

- add: Adding new phrases to the localization



ver 4.14 (2017/12/06)

- Fixed: Metadata read (quality of restore asset)

- fixed Metadata for Unity 2017.2.0f3


ver 4.13 (2017/12/04)

- add debug console form

- add settings for open game resources

ver 4.12 (2017/12/01)

- add manual translate language: KO

- add support UnityWebGL parsing (win compression: gzip, brotli) *.data.unityweb

- add support Open UnityWebGL Game direct by http URL
    Example for testing:


ver 4.11 (2017/12/01)

- add support Monobehavior Script parameters read for IL2CPP Android

- add manual translate language: ZH, RU

- add missed text for translate


ver 4.10 (2017/11/24)

- Fixed: export mesh (for unity dev 3.x, 4.x)

- Fixed: export animation (for unity dev 3.x, 4.x)

- Fixed: export .unitipacked (all childs set active = true)



ver 4.09 (2017/11/23)

- fixed Material generation

- add: for Android IL2CPP disasemble to ARM ASSEMBLER

- add: for Android IL2CPP partical restore C# code  (development started)

- add suport DXT1Crynch, DXT5Crynch texture formats


ver 4.08 (2017/11/22)

- add UI Localization files to install directory (/Localization/Localization-*.txt)
If you want to improve the translation you can open the localization files (/Localization/),
after the change you can to send a change to the address DevXDevelopment@gmail.com
for include the correction of the language in the distribution

- fixed Material generation

- Fixed: link matarials for bundle files


ver 4.07 (2017/11/21)

- add support IL2CPP Decompile Class structure (android IL2CPP)
(make C# scripts with fields, propertyes, mehtods)

- add support command line mode
./DevXUnityUnpackerMain.exe /Export source_dir_or_file out_dir
./DevXUnityUnpackerMain.exe /GenerateUnityProject source_dir_or_file out_dir

- add UI Localization (with auto translate)

- add Metadata for Unity v5.4.6f3
- add Metadata for Unity v2017.1.1f1
- add Metadata for Unity v2017.2.0f3

- add support read standard assets from /Library (game project)



ver 4.06 (2017/11/15)

- fixed scripts dublicate events

- fixed scenes generate for Unity 2017.x version

- fixed font asset and links to font

- fixed links to object for monobehavior


ver 4.05 (2017/11/09)

- fixed the Unity Crash with 'guid empty error'



ver 4.04 (2017/11/09)

- add unpack AudioManager asset

- add unpack PhysicsManager asset

- add unpack Physics2DSettings asset

- add unpack EditorBuildSettings asset


ver 4.03 (2017/11/08)

- add CSharp code Highlighter

- add support export ScripableObject assets


ver 4.02 (2017/11/07)

- fix for AnimationClip

- add unpack InputManager asset

- add unpack NavMeshAreas asset

- add unpack TimeManager asset



ver 4.01 (2017/11/06)

- Unpacker Magic Tools

- add support terrain on scenes (altitude map - on completion)

- add in AnimationController BlendTree modes

- fix for AnimationClip

- add support Events on AnimationClip

- add support DenseClip type on AnimationClip

- fix for Avatar

- Full Animation Models support (tested on Unity 5.6)

- fix for Image decode ETC2_RGBA8



ver 3.23 (2017/11/02)

- add support export to .unitypackage format (export package with include all dependecies)

- fix for LightAsset parsing

- fix for script generate

- add support Mesh Skeleton structure (with bondes)

- add support Avatart generate

- add support Skeleton model animation

- add support Humanoid model animation

- add support Export Full Model with animations to Unitypackage



ver 3.22 (2017/10/30)

- fix for ARGB4444 format replace function

- add Prefab dir for Make Unity project

- fix directory structure for Resources (Make Unity project)

- add Unity metadata Unity v3.4.1f5, v3.5.7f6

- add options for Generate Unity Project 'Make all GameObjects as Active (override)'

- add Parse Combined Mesh - to separeted mesh objects (ungroup combined Static mesh)



ver 3.21 (2017/10/26)

- fix for APK singing

- add Unity metadata Unity v4.2, v4.3, v4.5, v4.6, v4.7, v5.0

- add Unity metadata Unity v5.0, v5.1, v5.2

ver 3.20 (2017/10/25)

- fix for texture Decode&Encode for formats: ASTC_RGB_XxX, ASTC_RGBA_XxX (X: 6-12)

- add unity 4.6.9f1 metadata (for generate animations and other)

ver 3.19 (2017/10/24)

- fix for APK singing (key select dialog)



ver 3.18 (2017/10/23)

- fix for Scripts Code Generate (auto clear dublicate event delegates, fix - using for enum list)

ver 3.17

- fix error on export

ver 3.16 (2017/10/20)

- fix for Bundle Read (unity3d)

- add Metadata for 4.5.5f1 

- fix for Shader parsing (show, export)

- fix for Text parsing (json, text, xml..)

- big fix For Parsing Data Structures (links between elements)

- add Support x64 run mode (for lage archives, xapk, is fix MemoryOverflow on lage files)


ver 3.14 (2017/10/19)

- add support IPA file (iOS)

- add support APK singing
  (create a working installation package for install to android device)

- add support generate direct full MeshAsset on "Generate Unity Project", without .obj file

ver 3.12 (2017/10/17)
- add Export Terrain Heights-Map
- add Export Sprite pictures
- fix for Sprite parse
- add Support RenderTexture

ver 3.10 (2017/10/13)
- fixed Sprite parse
- fixed for Visualise Materials
- fixed UnityCrash (on IL2CPP type projects)
- fixed Convert Mesh to Obj - separation to sub-meshes
- fixed Animations (add animation parameters, fixed AnimatorController, AnimationClip)

ver 3.09 (2017/10/11)
- add Export all Prefabs
- add Export as Prefab for GameObjects
- fix for Sprites
- fix ETC_RGB4 format - compress for Image Replace

ver 3.08 (2017/10/11)
- add support Prefab (make Prefab for UnityProject, links from scenes to Prefab)

ver 3.07 (2017/10/10)
- add support Animation (Animator, Animation, AnimationClip, AnimatorController) - for GenerateUnityProject
- add support Sprite Preview and save as Image
- add support Image Replace for APK (for not asset images)
- add support Unity 2017.1(ver) Metadata

ver 3.06 (2017/10/04)
- fix for replace image ETC1_RGB4 format
- fix for replace image from PVR, DDS formats
- fix for ARGB4444 format

ver 3.05 (2017/10/03)
- add support 'GUISkin' for Generate Unity Project
- add support 'Shader' for Generate Unity Project & Export (for old unity shader types)
- fix for multiple install

ver 3.04
- add support 'Sprites' for Generate Unity Project
- fix for Materials (Generate Unity Project, Export)
- Add FBX export format for models (in the process of finalizing the export of images and materials for FBX)

ver 3.03
- add Proxy Settings

ver 3.02
Bugs fix

ver 3.01
New Product line
new WebSite
Online update metadates
- Great fixes in the genesis module for "Unity Project genaration"
- add support export Video resources (avi, MP4..)
- add suppot export as FBX (for models)
- add options for Script generate
- add fix for Unity Project generate
- add support repack ETC_RGB4 format
- add support repack ASTC.. formats on x86 Windows
- add support detect IL2CPP apk modes
- add support dds & pvr formats for replace images (with the same formats and sizes of the asset and the file)
- add support .xapk support (Lage android package)
- add support .obb support (android package)
- auto convert depricated methods for old Unity vertiosn to Unity 5.6
- add filter to remove artifacts for PVRTC image compression
- Add support Mesh models - 3D preview
- Add support Scene - 3D preview
- Add support Terrain - 3D preview
- Speed optimizations (load game, make unity project)
- ass support ASTC_XxX formats
- add support for Replace image - RGB565,RGBA4444,ARGB4444 formats
- can save PNG image on free mode (The image will be partially grounded on black squares)
- can replace image on free mode (The image will be partially grounded on black squares)
- optimized speed - for open
- optimized speed - for generate unity project
- improvements in the generation of source code scripts
- Improvement of the project generation for Unity3d version 5.6
+ Test with FirstPerson controller
- add support image parce for Unity 2017.1
- add support mp3, wav, ogg for old unity
- add support save as PVR file (for PVRTC_RGB4, PVRTC_RGBA4, ETC_RGB4)
- add support texture formats:
- add for replace image: ETC2_RGBA8, ETC2_RGBA1, ETC2_RGB, ETC1
- add save apk file
- add for replace image: DXT1, DXT5 formats
- add bundle XianjianCodec
- Add: analyze not standard Texure2D assets
- Add: Asset fields edit
- Add: All assebly strings view and edit
- Add: Image view - can select fon
- Add: Replace Texture by image (png, jpg, bmp..) with auto convert and make mipmap levels
- Add: Replace content in assets: Texture, TextAsset, Sounds (work for Standelone games)
- Add support play asset sound from UI
- Add auto audio convert from fsb to wav format on export
- Texture ETC3_RGBA