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Antiviruses can report a suspicion of a trojan,
but this is a false positive, because it uses intrusion protection with encryption code and loading the program into memory.
For verification, use online services that are checked on a large number of anti-viruses. It will be more objective.


DevX-GameRecovery (MagicStudio, GameModding, RePacker, Unpacker): 

Current version 10.01 (2021.05.5)

IL2CPP (arm64 native) - to C# 
- Add support IL2CPP for IPA (IOS)
- support partial function code recovery (to c#) for android APK - IL2CPP ARM 32/64 bit mode - for GameRecovery license type.
- support partial function code recovery (to c#) for iPhone, iPad - IPA (IOS) (only if the executable file is decrypted) - IL2CPP ARM 64 bit mode - for GameRecovery license type.

How does it work: Decompilation of functions into ASM code + Metadata -> (Virtual machine + some magic) -> C# code

While not everything will be restored correctly - but enough to study the main part of the code in the form of C # or in the form of a mixed representation of ASM + C #.



If you have problems with automatic downloading of extra resources (when starting the program), you can download them manually and unpack them into the program directory:
  Download URL:
  Extract to dir: <UnpackerDir>/StreamingAssets/*

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  - Recommended for use on Windows (with setup)   - Recommended for use on Windows (without setup)   - For use on MAC


DevXUnityUnpackerDemo-Android.apk   - For use on Adroid devices




DevX-ObfuscatorProCMD for .NET applications or Unity3D Game (.NET) (link2)