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To load the program Inquartos Obfuscator and to use its base functionalities it is possible absolutely free.

For us the opinion of our users is very important, and we shall be very grateful to you for any remarks and offers concerning functioning the program and directions е ё of the further development. You can direct your wishes on in any form, acceptable to you.

Inquartos Obfuscator - Studio of professional protection for VS 2005/2008

Название Version Date Size
  Inquartos Obfuscator(exe)
2.2.28 2013.02.04 7 Mb
  Примеры проектов (zip)
- 2008.11.05 10.256 Mb

NetObf - The free utility obfuscation for .NET 1.1/2.0/3.5

Название Version Date Size
1.0.4 2008.12.04 1.187 Mb